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Jamstack your Sitecore site with Next.JS and Uniform


Open Source JSS starter kit for NextJS. Jamstack your sitecore JSS application, with newest and modern technologies.

What is Solid Principles?


There are five basic principles of object oriented programming and design. The intention is that the developer will create a system that is easy to maintain and extend over time.

NextJS + Okta Authentication


In this post I will show you how you can protect your NextJS site with Okta

What does Jamstack mean for Sitecore?


If you are used to Sitecore it can be hard to imagine how Jamstack can work. I will describe how Sitecore and Jamstack can complement each other by focusing on four of the biggest benefits Jamstack can bring to a Sitecore implementation.

Getting Started with Astro


Getting Started with Astro

What are “CQ`:` Listeners”?


“CQ:Listeners” node defines what happens before or after an action on the component. It can have the following properties:

OOP Concepts


Object Oriented Programming is the way of thinking, is basically an approach. Is this the only approach? No!

Jamstack Dictionary


Everything you need to know about Jamstack and terminology that is associated with it.